Nuplex ZV Systems

NEW RELEASE 2008 NUPLEX ZV SYSTEMS ZV or Zero Voc refers to Zero Volatile Organic Systems, systems that can used in a wide range of applications where speed of cure, aesthetics, durability, chemical resistance and nil odour is required. ZV Flooring have been developed in three systems

Architectural Terrazzite ZV

A durable terrazzo floor topping designed for use in Retail Mall Floors, Office Foyers, Feature Inlays.

Intafloor ZV

A seamless, thin set, durable, honed concrete / liquid vinyl floor topping, which is very rapid setting. To be used where a durable, scratch resistant, smooth, decorative floor finish is required, Supermarket Floors, Retail Display Areas, larged wheeled traffic warehouse floors.

Industrial Terrazzite ZV

A rapid curing Industrial Grade ZV floor topping, durable, abrasion resistant, non-porous, hygienic resistant to food acids. Used in Commercial Kitchens, retail butcheries, fast food outlets, heavy duty non slip areas, Industrial flooring areas where rapid installation with no odour is required