Darfield D2 Powder Tower

The Brief

To construct the largest Milk Powder Factory in the world producing 30 tonne of dried powder per hour.
To be built and producing Powder within a nine month program.

Ebert Construction was the main contractor to carry out this project. Industrial Surefloors were contracted by Ebert’s to complete the flooring works on the site.

The Solution

  • Sureshield Flooring
  • Surechem VE Flooring
  • Situclad VE Glass Flake
  • Laminated Wall Cladding System

The Installation

This job was to be completed starting in 2012 and finishing in 2013, a period of nine months.

In total we installed:

  • 8500m2 of Coloured Sureshield
  • 3500L/m of 400 high coving
  • Situclad VE Glass Flake to Flume Chambers and Outfall Sumps
  • Surechem VE was installed to tanker a C.IP Tanker bays


Darfield 2a flooring project
Darfield 2 flooring project
Darfield 2 flooring project
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