Allnex ZV Systems

NEW RELEASE 2008 ALLNEX ZV SYSTEMS ZV or Zero Voc refers to Zero Volatile Organic Systems, systems that can used in a wide range of applications where speed of cure, aesthetics, durability, chemical resistance and nil odour is required. ZV Flooring have been developed in three systems

Architectural Terrazzite ZV

A durable terrazzo floor topping designed for use in Retail Mall Floors, Office Foyers, Feature Inlays.

Intafloor ZV

A seamless, thin set, durable, honed concrete / liquid vinyl floor topping, which is very rapid setting. To be used where a durable, scratch resistant, smooth, decorative floor finish is required, Supermarket Floors, Retail Display Areas, larged wheeled traffic warehouse floors.

Industrial Terrazzite ZV

A rapid curing Industrial Grade ZV floor topping, durable, abrasion resistant, non-porous, hygienic resistant to food acids. Used in Commercial Kitchens, retail butcheries, fast food outlets, heavy duty non slip areas, Industrial flooring areas where rapid installation with no odour is required

Nuplex ZV Systems
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