Sanfords Mussels Havelock

The Brief

Sanfords Mussels in Havelock at the tip of the South Island was to construct a whole new factory on its existing premise on the wharf at Havelock. Due to time constraints this was to be built in their off season and be up and running for the new season.

Traditional Flooring products could not be used in this program due to the time constraints put in place. The floor, the one meter high coves and all the channel drains needed to have an easy clean hygienic flooring system applied.

The Solution

Nuplex Nuthane Polyurethane Flooring was chosen due to its ability to be applied to uncured concrete and its fast application.

Sureshield was applied to the one meter high precast wall panels. The channel drains were laid in precast sections and then the joints were filled with a moveable sealant, then all joints had a fibreglass bandage applied over them and then the Sureshield was applied.

The Installation

A new mussel factory was built at the end of 2011 and ready for the new 2012 mussel season. This work was completed over a 3 week period.

Nuthane was installed to all the floor areas.
Sureshield was applied to all the one meter high coves
Sureshield was applied to all the channel drains.

In total we installed:

    • 1135m2 Nuthane Flooring
    • 300 L/m of 1 meter high Sureshield Coving
    • 230 L/m of 300mm deep channel drains were jointed and fibreglassed prior to the installation of the Sureshield
Sanfords Mussels
Sanfords Mussels
Sanfords Mussels
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