Welcome to Industrial Surefloors Limited, specialist in Industrial and Commercial Resin Flooring Solutions

Industrial Surefloors Ltd is a leading installer of resin based flooring systems designed to meet the exacting demands of today’s industrial and commercial environments.

As a specialist flooring company we are very conscious that quality is vital in the work that we undertake.

One of the key aspects of resin flooring is that this type of floor is extremely durable. As resin flooring is used in industrial and commercial settings, it stands to reason that you would want a floor which can take a good amount of everyday abuse. With an resin flooring system from Industrial Surefloors, one who has such a floor in their business can be confident in knowing that the floor will be durable and take the everyday traffic which it will ultimately see, and require very little upkeep on your behalf.

Industrial Surefloors Limited is a specialist installer of resin flooring systems, approporate for the industrial marketplace. Reliability quality and a broad range of industrial flooring products, gives you the customer, a total flooring solution.

Industrial Surefloors Ltd is based in South Taranaki and pleased to be associated with flooring contracts throughout New Zealand.

Ian has 22 years experience in the resin flooring trade and as an approved Nuplex Applicator the aim of Industrial Surefloors Ltd is to specify resin flooring solutions to provide you with the best system for your floor needs.

Industrial Surefloors offers a range of flooring solutions for use in all situations ranging from industrial factory floors to public areas.

Our industrial and commercial flooring products are quickly installed and provide a long term solution which is easy clean, slip resistant, chemical resistant, seamless and safe for all industrial, commercial and public sectors.