Darfield D2 Powder Tower

The Brief

Darfield D2 Powder Tower image 1

To construct the largest Milk Powder Factory in the world producing 30 tonne of dried powder per hour. To be built and producing Powder within a nine month program.

Ebert Construction was the main contractor to carry out this project. Industrial Surefloors were contracted by Ebert’s to complete the flooring works on the site.

The Solution

  • Sureshield Flooring
  • Surechem VE Flooring
  • Situclad VE Glass Flake
  • Laminated Wall Cladding System
Darfield D2 Powder Tower image 2

The Installation

This job was to be completed starting in 2012 and finishing in 2013, a period of nine months.

In total we installed:

  • 8500m2 of Coloured Sureshield
  • 3500L/m of 400 high coving
  • Situclad VE Glass Flake to Flume Chambers and Outfall Sumps
  • Surechem VE was installed to tanker a C.IP Tanker bays

Darfield D2 Powder Tower image 1